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Digitally Doing It Better (dDIB)

Onorach’s portfolio of digital software products was created following research conducted into CROs performance in the industry. The research identified 5 critical areas where clients felt CROs under-delivered:

  • Finding Patients
  • Finding Sites
  • Finding PIs
  • Optimising study performance
  • Capturing clinical data

Onorach has adopted a philosophy of dDIB (digitally Doing It Better) and developed a suite of digital technology software solutions that, when used individually or in combination, tackle the 5 critical areas of CRO underperformance whilst striving for 3 universal goals:

The targeted use of dDIB products across the clinical trial process can have significant positive benefits to patient access to clinical trials. dDIB enables a ‘data driven’ approach to the decision making processes for clinical trials as well as accelerating clinical trial recruitment, ensuring delivery of key milestones on-time whilst reducing costs and time to market.

Onorach’s dDIB suite of products consists of:

Leading digital transformation in Health. patFINDER is a real-world map of subject cohorts for clinical trials. By adding inclusion/exclusion criteria and test scenarios, patFINDER can identify locations around the world that will most likely lead to success for clinical trials. This specialist data-mining software that filters electronic medical records to find the right patient groups/locations is using A.I. and disruptive technology to revolutionise patient recruitment.

Onorach’s global source of pre-qualified sites for conducting clinical trials. Rapidly finding the right clinical study sites with high levels of trust in their ability to deliver is a critical element of all clinical trials. rightSITES achieves this goal through the intelligent use of technology. Onorach have access to over 90,000 sites world-wide through this technology.

Onorach's service for finding Principal Investigators from a world-wide database of over 3 million P.I.s in less than 72 hours (versus 120 hours industry standard) . This 40% reduction in the time to find P.I.s frees-up valuable resource at the crucial stage of establishing clinical trials and enables the targeting of experienced P.I.s in specific therapeutic areas.

Recruitment challenges and protocol amendments can lead to study delays and failures. These can often be traced back to the protocol design stage. Poorly conceived protocols can create problems at the study level, the program level and across the full development and commercialization lifecycle.

optiSTUDY can help overcome these problems. It’s built to optimize the protocol development process by providing the power of data insights to make informed decisions and a collaboration platform to improve efficiency. optiSTUDY helps you build study protocols that facilitate an effective and efficient clinical trial.

Secure e-form data capture combining the simplicity of a ballpoint pen with encrypted data capture/transmission in near real-time.

encryptiDATA is an ideal solution for decentralised clinical trials. It allows remote monitoring of paper documents through capturing subject consent on paper and digitising it. Using the familiarity of a simple pen and paper (no need for tablets etc.) it is easier to implement with almost no training for users.

encryptiDATA will digitise, encrypt and transmit data globally in seconds.

Coming soon…

Onorach are developing further solutions that use blockchain and digital technology to make significant positive impacts in other elements of the clinical trial process.

  • Clinical trial supply chain software
  • eConsent (including additional consents)