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Digitally Doing It Better

Onorach’s portfolio of digital software products was created following research conducted into CROs performance in the industry. The research identified 5 critical areas where clients felt CROs under-delivered:

  • Finding Patients
  • Finding Sites
  • Finding PIs
  • Optimising study performance
  • Capturing clinical data

Onorach has adopted a philosophy of dDIB (digitally doing it better) and developed a suite of electronic solutions that together improve the quality of data, reduce cost and save time in Clinical Trials.

Specialist data-mining software that filters electronic medical records to find the right patient groups/locations
Onorach's source of pre-qualified sites worldwide for conducting clinical trials
Onorach's service for finding Principal Investigators in less than 72 hours (versus 5 working days industry standard
Onorach's clinical and medical liason service shortens time to 'peak study optimisation' and research completion
Secure e-form data capture combining the simplicity of a ballpoint pen with encrypted data capture/transmission in near real-time