Your Data Is Safe



Your Data Is Safe


Following the recent cybersecurity ransomware attack on organisations throughout the world and particularly on UK National Health Service hospitals and GP practices, which resulted in the shutdown of patient services across many hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, the CEO of Onorach, Mr Stephen Leiper, wanted to reassure Onorach clients that their data is safe.

We have always had a strong focus on data security at Onorach ever since the company was founded just under 10 years ago. I can reassure our clients that the enterprise level security of all our data systems means that we were unaffected by the recent ransomware outbreak. Further we have companywide standard operating procedures which limit the potential for cybersecurity threats. I am confident that the policies and systems that we have in place exceed those of many large organisations, and that your data will continue to be safe on Onorach system.”

Stephen Leiper, CEO

Client Testimonial

Onorach has demonstrated competence in work with authorities and with sites. The team of Onorach is impressive in terms f creativity and goal orientation. It was always a pleasure to cooperate with Onorach.