Onorach COVID-19 Pandemic Response


Onorach is committed to protecting its workers during the COVID19 pandemic and we have arranged for all staff to work from home until it is safe for them to return to Onorach’s offices.

For the past 10 years, we have continuously invested in technology, expanded our skills and have grown into a modern 21st century company. Our employees have a lot of experience working in virtual teams and we are confident that we can keep our productivity at normal levels and Onorach will continue to offer a high level of service to both existing and new clients.

Our contact channels remain operational and you can contact us using our generic email address, info@onorach.com or via our Dundee UK Head Office number , +44 1382 561 048 or our London number +44 8798 3838. You can also use our Facebook or twitter pages and reach our staff directly if you haver their email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

Client Testimonial

We're impressed with the services Onorach offer and the expertise that underpins this and look forward to further discussions on partnerships for clinical development in the near future.
Novabiotics - Aberdeen