International Clinical Trials Day 2023


As a Scottish clinical research organisation conducting phase I to IV clinical trials, Onorach are proud that it was due to the pioneering work of James Lind, a Scottish doctor (who in 1747 conducted one of the first ever controlled group clinical trials while developing his theory that citrus fruits cured scurvy amongst sailors) that the modern clinical trials industry was created.

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From James Lyndís work countless millions of people have benefited from life-changing and life-saving medical treatments which have been developed using clinical trials.

In our busy modern lives it is important to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments of clinical research professionals in public health and medicine by recognizing their efforts in clinical trials. Onorach would like to take this day to express their gratitude to their clinical research partners across the globe and for their efforts in helping Onorach deliver clinical trial solutions to its clients.

Client Testimonial

We're impressed with the services Onorach offer and the expertise that underpins this and look forward to further discussions on partnerships for clinical development in the near future.
Novabiotics - Aberdeen