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Clinical Trial Supplies

Whether it is the preparation and distribution of non-commercial clinical trial drugs (with or without placebo or third party (outsourced) products) or the management of the entire supply process of a clinical trial, Onorach can assist.


Onorach offer clinical trial supply services covering over-encapsulation, labelling, blinding and patient pack preparation. 

Onorach can also manage domestic and international distribution.  All clinical supplies are distributed using specialist courier companies with specific expertise in the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Where appropriate we ensure temperature control and monitoring of each package from pick-up to arrival at the client’s site.

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Client Testimonial

Onorach provided excellent monitoring and site management activities for a large, retrospective cancer diagnostic trial in Europe. Onorach's representative is a quick learner, pays excellent attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with. A truly well experienced clinical research professional. Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.
Joe Bigley, VP of Clinical Affairs at MDxHealth