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Stephen Leiper, CEO/Business Development Lead

Picture of Stephen LeiperA fully qualified histologist, Stephen began his career almost thirty years ago in sales of diagnostic products to clinical laboratories. He later developed his skills in identifying commercially available molecular products and tools to assist academics in cutting edge clinical research, and worked for some of the world’s largest molecular research companies. Stephen is also an expert in protein electrophoresis through his work at Helena Laboratories over a period of five years.
Stephen took up his role as CEO, and founded Onorach with his partner, Professor Christene Leiper in 2009. He has led the corporate development of the company since that time. 


Professor Christene Leiper, Managing Director/President

Picture of Professor Christene Leiper

Christene attended Sydney University, RMIT University Melbourne, and achieved an Assistant Professorship of Medicine and Life Sciences at Bond University Queensland. Her specialisation is Nuclear Medicine as well as a wide range of therapeutic areas. Christene’s extensive international experience in many disciplines also as medical liaison and principal investigator for clinical trials enables her to operate across disciplinary boundaries within clinical research in a coherent and productive manner. Christene is the president of the International BioDiscovery Federation and a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Martin Hunt, Global Marketing Manager

Picture of Martin HuntMartin is a seasoned multi-disciplinary manager responsible for shaping and delivering marketing strategy and deliverables in the oil and gas, electronics, pharmaceutical and clinical trial manufacturing sectors.

Highly familiar with the requirements of working in regulated, high-value market segments, Martin is responsible for leading and project managing all aspects of the creative branding, global marketing and promotion of the Onorach Group.  Martin also manages all HR operations. 


Client Testimonial

We see Onorach as a key enabler for Life Science companies with products near to market.
Steve Howell, CEO at Innova Partnerships