Onorach at the 2nd European Biotechnology Conference


Onorach’s Managing Director, Prof. Christene Leiper delivered a presentation Clinical Trials in the 21st Century – a new concept in patient recruitment at the 2nd European Biotechnology Conference that was held in Minsk on May 27-31.

Speaking to an international audience of delegates and speakers from across the world at the impressive Presidium Conference Hall at the National Academy of Sciences Belarus, Christene explored the unique features and impact of patFINDER, Onorach’s innovative specialist data-mining software that filters electronic medical records to find clients the right patient groups/locations.

Christene’s address has secured the support of several Eastern European organisations and countries in providing data-sources for patFINDER which will further enhance it’s effectiveness as a tool for identifying clinical trial patients quickly and efficiently.

Other conference speakers included:
Prof. Munis Dundar – Turkey Orphan Diseases
Prof. Alexander Kilchevsky – Development of Genomics Belarus
Prof. Nikolai Zhelev – Next Generation technologies in drug discovery
Dr Yakov Tsepilov Genome wide association study methodology and application in fundamental biology and personalised medicine.
Prof. Vladimir Kulchitsky Cellular therapy technologies for brain injuries
Dr Dmitry Afonnikov – Leaf pubescence in wheat- high throughout phenotyping, genetic control and physiological role
Dr Evgeni Eltzov – Biosensors applications in agricultural field.
Dr Mark Nuijten – Valuation of nutritionals
Prof Irma Mosse – New Technologies in Human Genetics
Dr Igor Stoma – Gut microbiome in immune compromised patients – the missing link in pathogenesis

To find out more about patFINDER, and the other digital products in Onorach’s eDIB (electronically Doing It Better) portfolio, click here.

Client Testimonial

Onorach has demonstrated competence in work with authorities and with sites. The team of Onorach is impressive in terms f creativity and goal orientation. It was always a pleasure to cooperate with Onorach.