One of the biggest challenges in resourcing a clinical trial is the recruitment of patients. Traditionally, finding subjects at sites relied on informed ‘guesstimates’ provided by investigators. These guesstimates have often proved unreliable for subject recruitment.

patFINDER™ is a web-based solution enabling the extraction of medical knowledge from any type of data such as free-textual visit notes, discharge summaries, pathology, radiology reports etc.

patFINDER™ data-mining technology extracts data from millions of hospital medical records and results in unmatched time saving in running feasibility studies, site selection and subject recruitment.

Advanced Security and Compliance
patFINDER™ is fully FDA and HIPAA compliant. Original documents are stripped of all patient identifiers, dates, physical names.

Time-saving, accurate and easy
Shortens clinical trials time by 3-7 months.

patFINDER™ will help to accurately qualify the number of subjects suitable for a clinical trial across a wide variety of therapeutic areas.  It has an easy-to-use interface and requires no IT training. You get results in minutes from searches of millions of records.

Client Testimonial

Onorach has demonstrated competence in work with authorities and with sites. The team of Onorach is impressive in terms f creativity and goal orientation. It was always a pleasure to cooperate with Onorach.