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Benefits of Partnering with Onorach

Onorach was created following research conducted into CROs performance in the industry. The research identified 5 areas where clients felt CROs under-delivered.

To tackle these, Onorach has developed a philosophy of eDIB (electronically doing it better) which is a suite of electronic solutions that together improve the quality of data in Clinical Trials:

By partnering with Onorach®, research sponsors gain the benefits of our experience in the drug development process as well as Onorach™’s skilled workforce and resources to help accelerate medical product development.

We focus on the unique challenges of biopharmaceutical and medical device development and offer clients a 'ready made' infrastructure of research personnel, services, and access to facilities, providing a full range of services to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the clinical development process. Capitalising on Onorach™’s capabilities allows clients to focus on their own core strengths rather than organise, create, and administer a complete clinical trial process themselves.

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development found that research development projects in which CROs are greatly involved are submitted to the FDA more than 30 days closer to the projected submission date than projects with less CRO involvement. This ability to reduce project timelines while maintaining a level of quality comparable to that of research sponsors is just one of the ways CROs like Onorach™ Clinical improve efficiencies in drug development.

Acting as true partners in the development process, at Onorach® Clinical we provide the kind of on-the-ground capabilities that keep pipelines moving and budgets in line.

With established procedures and the highest commitment to scientific quality and research ethics, Onorach® Clinical plays an important role in scientific innovation and the development of critical new medical advances for patients.

Onorach™ abides by the CCRA (Clinical Contract Research Association) code of practice. The CCRA  represents all organisations’ involved in providing clinical contract development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  The CCRA code of practice is an internationally recognised standard of excellence. It assures our clients that all clinical contract research is carried out in compliance with ICH-GCP and other quality regulations/legislation. The CCRA Code of Practice also covers financial governance and customer service.   

Did you know?

CROs are involved in nearly three quarters of all Phase I-III trials not conducted in-house by research sponsors.

Client Testimonial

Onorach has demonstrated competence in work with authorities and with sites. The team of Onorach is impressive in terms f creativity and goal orientation. It was always a pleasure to cooperate with Onorach.