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Onorach Europe is the wholy owned subsidiary of Onorach Clinical.

Based in Riga, Latvia, Onorach Europe provides a full range of Phase 1-4 clinical trial management and support services. Onorach Europe have specialist focus in Oncology trials as well as being able to manage trials in all the other therapeutic areas which Onorach Clinical covers.

Onorach Europe offers international clients a platforms for conducting clinical trials in a region where recruitment is high and regulatory approval times outperform many other countries. As a member of the European Union, trials conducted in Latvia are performed according to EMA guidelines and regulations.With many principal investigators recieving international recognition, the Baltics is an excellent region for conducting clinical trials.

Headed by Onorach Clinical's CEO Stephen Leiper and Managing Director, Prof. Christene Leiper, and with a dedicated team of clinical and adminastrative professionals Onorach Europe has an enviable oncology, obstetric and gynaecological expertise and a strong track-record in managing complex muti-site/multi-country studies.



For more information, please contact us via: info@onorach.com


Client Testimonial

We have had nothing but an excellent experience with Onorach. We are impressed with their flexibility and proactive approach. The attitude demonstrated by the team was nothing short of 100% professional in every way and they were always prepared to go the extra mile.
A UK Client