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Clinical Plan Development

Development of the clinical plan is the first step towards a good clinical trial and is a vital road map defining how your product will go through a series of clinical trials to achieve approval and market acceptance.

Clinical trials consume the biggest percentage of a company's R&D budget, so it is important to get it right, and with a good clinical plan at the beginning of the process you can save tens of thousands of pounds by avoiding costly mistakes later in the trial.

A solid CDP is founded on information from the Target Product Profile (TPP) of a drug. Onorach work very closely with its clients to establish their goals for the drug product, its value and its key ’Go/No Go’ criteria. Onorach have a wealth of experience of advising and assisting clients with study design which is crucial to the success and unbiased assessment of a potential pharmaceutical entity.

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Client Testimonial

We see Onorach as a key enabler for Life Science companies with products near to market.
Steve Howell, CEO at Innova Partnerships