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Site set-up 

Site set-up is a specialty of Onorach™ Clinical. Many of our team members and management have extensive experience in site set-up. 

Onorach™ offer a thorough analysis of all aspects of a proper and efficient set-up of sites.

rightSITES™ is a service designed to match clinical trial site(s) that will meet your trial specifications. Site evaluation ensures that the site has access to the required patient population, has appropriately qualified staff, adequate time and facilities to conduct the study and to ensure the site is fully prepared to initiate the clinical trial.

We ensure an understanding of the training requirements for clinical research associates (CRAs), including familiarisation with study documentation. The procedures necessary prior to initiation of an investigational site, particularly the site initiation visit, are described in detail. The responsibilities and procedures associated with preparing for and conducting initiation visits are covered in detail too.

Onorach encourage all its clients to engage in more in-depth queries of their databases before study start-up. Onorach encourage database queries to be written into site contracts (the site's additional work appropriately compensated for) with the reporting of anonymized results fed back to the sponsor. This can be done across either a large enough sample of of sites to obtain an accurate picture of the actual patient population or across all the sites. 

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Client Testimonial

We see Onorach as a key enabler for Life Science companies with products near to market.
Steve Howell, CEO at Innova Partnerships