Preapproved clinical trial sites that meet our stringent standards.

Our rightSITES™ Service is designed to identify, qualify and select the right sites for your clinical trial.

This is a complex issue and involves the assessment of a number of factors including:


♦ Adequate resources at site for the study.


♦ Integrity of the research team (ICH-GCP compliant)


♦ Accuracy in estimates of patient recruitment numbers and focused on early patient recruitment to meet the trial objectives, and timelines.


♦ All research staff need to have a positive attitude towards the research study.
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An evaluation of these and other factors in our rightSITES™ service makes for a stronger and more robust project and improves delivery of project time lines within budget.

We identify the sites that are enthusiastic about clinical trials, that are regulatory compliant, and adequately resourced for the clinical trial.


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Client Testimonial

"We appreciate all your help and support you have given".
AtoZ, Business Development Manager